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Why Civil Service?

“Civil Services is an attractive career option and at the same time offers a great opportunity to serve the society and help others. While it offers a lot of opportunities, it demands high level of maturity and ability to take up responsibilities. For any aspirant to become a well-rounded Civil Servant, young aspirants should understand and deliberate about all aspects of this career and then take an informed decision” ~ Sriram Venkatraman, IAS


HOTSPOT Way of Learning acknowledges the uniqueness of individuals and thereby factor in that uniqueness in developing the learning methods. Each student will be helped to identify their traits through focussed mentoring based on insights given by analytical tools.

Instead of ‘Just Teach’ approach, IAS HOTSPOT believes in nurturing the learning philosophy of students so that each and every one is helped to evolve the strategies best suited for themselves. For this an array of tools – visual, auditory and kinaesthetic – will be used to enrich the learning methods of each student, be it observational learning, individual learning or cooperative learning.

Our core principle is to make students ‘Realize their potential’ and enable them to achieve their goals in a holistic manner.