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About Us

‘IAS HOTSPOT’ is the brainchild of 4 energetic youngsters who are passionate about education and believes in making a positive change in society through education. Dr. Sarin P IAAS – ex IAAS officer, who served as Deputy Accountant General of Kerala and Karnataka. P.P Fasal Rahman – Educationist and a well-known Civil Service Trainer. Also, a former faculty member of ICSR. Gopakumar M – an IT professional with over 12 years of experience, worked at various senior positions like project & delivery before quitting the job and following his passion. Last but not the least, Arjun R Shaankar – Author, columnist and one of the most sorted Civil Service Trainer in South India.

At IAS HOTSPOT, we acknowledge the uniqueness of individuals and thereby factor in that uniqueness in developing the learning methods. Each student will be helped to identify their traits through focused mentoring based on insights from advanced analytical tools. For this, an array of tools will be used – visual, auditory and kinaesthetic – that will enrich the learning methods of each student, be it observational learning, individual learning or cooperative learning.

Along with the best faculties and facilities, IAS HOTSPOT follows comprehensive study material and unique training methodology. ‘HOTSPOT’ outlines the comprehensive perspective of an associative interaction and intuitive interplay of a larger group of talented minds under one roof supplemented with great tutors. Apart from exam preparation, we will help you to identify your hidden talents like Leadership qualities and bring out the decision maker in you.

When motivated minds in you meet our destined hands, we will leave stories for others to tell.