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HOTSPOT Way of Learning acknowledges the uniqueness of individuals and thereby factor in that uniqueness in developing the learning methods. Each student will be helped to identify their traits through focussed mentoring based insights given by analytical tools. Instead of Just Teach approach, IAS HOTSPOT believes in nurturing the learning philosophy of students so that each and every one is helped to evolve the strategies best suited for themselves.

For this, an array of tools-visual, auditory and kinaesthetic - will be used to enrich the learning methods of each student, be it observational learning, individ- ual learning or cooperative learning.

Why Civil Service ?

"Civil Services is one of the most challenging exams in India which is always perceived through a prism of Academics. We at IAS HOTSPOT make you think different, approach differently and create a difference. Let's celebrate Learning!"
- Dr. Sarin P, IAAS

Why Choose Us?


Cracking the prestigious Civil Service Examination undoubtedly needs a tactful, experienced and serious line of learning. ‘HOTSPOT MENTORS’ outlines the comprehensive perspective of an associative interaction and intellectual interplay of a larger group of talented minds under one roof supplemented with great tutors.


Everybody is not benefited by the conventional mode of teaching. For the holistic benefit of all the aspirants and the changing nature of the exam, mere classes won't suffice. Different sets of Activities, academic exercises catering to the need of the exam within a different ambiance will change the way you look at things.


IAS HOTSPOT is exquisitely formulated to provide an exclusive home away from home concept with personal attention from the Mentors to feel comfortable and focus more on their targets and creatively bloom under the shield of our experienced mentors.


The ultimate success lies when you read the right things at the right time in the right environment. IAS HOTSPOT's Reading space and discussion corners are envisioned to fulfill this subtle philosophy of reading. Good debate and discussions on burning academic topics and ingenious viewpoints of life are one of the most fulfilling sensations for an aspirant

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