Mains Test Series

Mains Test Series

PRELIMSKRIEG 2019 is the exclusive Test Series of IAS HOTSPOT which is indisputably going to be the forte of IAS HOTSPOT. It is modeled on the concept of Blitzkrieg and is intended to bring about a swift victory. Our innovative tool called PTG (Prelims Topic Generator) is going to source the Questions from all possible areas under the syllabus. Our wide pool of Tests will challenge the aspirants at various levels making them aware of the various start and endpoints of subjects.


Taking into account the unpredictable and backbreaking pattern of Civil Service exam, we have different unique tests to encompass a different mix of conventional, analytical and a blend of all those types to maximize the score in Prelims and smile at the shocker that UPSC Prelims gives to all aspirants.


  • Orientation Sessions to master the Art of Cracking of Questions
  • Time-bound Spilt up to cover the syllabus
  • Holistic preparation routine
  • 'Strategy Carver' to discover your own Strategy
  • Visual and Infographic approach to redefine the learning paradigm of students
  • The art of effectively reading Newspapers to source Questions
  • 'QPF' Model- 'Question Paper Feel' An innovative tool of IAS HOTSPOT which prepares the aspirant to get used to all modes of Question papers and crack any questions
  • Personalized Mentoring
  • Question Prediction Pool (QPP) to pool Important Questions
  • Analysis of the Previous Years Question Papers
  • Student Performance Analytics


  • Micro Tests for Mastering Conventional Areas
  • Full Prelims Test Series (25 Subject tests + 6 CSAT Exams)
  • Booster Tests before the Prelims (Mixed Bag Revision Set with Current Affairs)
  • Comprehensive Tests (4 Full syllabus Exams for Paper 1 and Paper 2)
  • Detailed Answer Key with Analysis
  • `PRELIMS JAMMING'- will be the most sought out Detailed Discussion Sessions with Analysis after Prelims Test Series. It is the main attraction of the course.

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