Current affairs preparation for beginners: how to utilize newspapers and other means

Current affairs preparation for beginners: how to utilize newspapers and other means

One cannot articulate enough of the importance of current affairs in competitive exams. Current affairs are the most critical part of all government and bank exams in India. And unlike other subjects, current affairs knowledge requires constant update and dynamic plans to study. Even though this may sound harder than studying conventional subjects, current affairs can be easily crackable with a good game plan.

There are many sources to update yourself with the latest current affairs and it is important not to rely on only one.

1. Internet

Everything is available on the internet at a few clicks away. There is both free and paid content offered by many websites. Free current affairs are available on many platforms in the form of capsules, quizzes, and notes. We must make use of all those means instead of boxing ourselves in one, say quizzes. The descriptive level of GK often gives us far more information than quizzes. On the other hand, descriptions can get quite hectic to read. The best strategy is to make a time table and decide what’s best for you.

2. Newspapers

Reading newspapers regularly has many long term benefits. Newspapers not only improve our language skills but we get to know a lot of relevant news as well. Most exams draw a lot of questions from the latest news articles from leading papers. They are also a great way of learning current affairs without feeling like you are really studying. Browse through the newspaper and if you find anything that needs deeper learning, read the remaining column. Many experts believe that simply investing an hour or two for comprehensive news reading every day can make drastic impacts on a student’s life.

3. Mass media

Paying attention to larger media like television news feed you with a lot of relevant current affairs, without us even knowing it. The mini mass media channels like social media and YouTube also have plenty of information available. There are thousands of YouTube channels that offer current affairs content for free.  Most provide very effective knowledge sessions in current affairs just like in any other subject.

4. Students forum

Student forums are a great means to stay connected with likeminded people and peers. Often a large amount of fruitful information is shared between students in such forums. Such platforms also pave the way for group study sessions, where learning current affairs is made fun and easy. Students with varying amounts of experience in a competitive study field can give younger students valuable exam strategies and methods.

Success in competitive exams has a lot to do with how well the student handles the general awareness section. Therefore, fervent preparation is necessary. Learning current affairs can often seem to be a very difficult task. Bu this is also one of those sure freeways to score more marks. A good knack in current affairs will give you an upper hand in competitive exams. Happy learning!

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